Specific Physical Training (SPT)

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Kisik Lee, the famous US Coach developed Specific Physical Training (SPT) to increase

  1. Endurance,
  2. Power/Strength and
  3. Flexibility

through archery specific muscle exercises using archery equipment.

SPT1 - Endurance

  1. Drawn the bow normally, with or without an arrow;
  2. hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. Rest for double the "Hold Time"; e.g. if you hold for 30 seconds then rest time will be double this or 60 seconds.

Do 10 repetitions and then take 2 minutes rest and repeat.

Duration 30 minutes.

This exercise must be done with proper form, incorporating aiming, otherwise bow will move all over place when fatigue starts to set in.

When you can hold for more than 45 seconds, use exercise bands or increase the draw weight by about 2 - 3 lbs.

SPT 2 - Power / Strength

  1. Draw from the Set-Up to the Holding position; Holding must include Transfer and Loading like in a normal shot.
  2. Hold for 3 - 5 seconds and let down, but only as far down as the Set-up, then
  3. draw straight back to the anchor position and, again, include Transfer and Loading.
  4. Rest period between sets 3 - 5 minutes - Ensure that proper alignment and form is maintained

Do 5 -12 repititions for 3 - 5 sets, depending on current strength.

Duration 30 minutes.

SPT 3 - Flexibility

This exercise is done with an arrow in the bow and for safety reasons close up in front of a target butt.

  1. Draw the bow in the normal manner and attain the normal Holding position, followed by a
  2. ten second continuous expansion at normal expansion speed.

The objective is to draw 1 - 1.5cm (~3/8" - 5/8") past the clicker, without any change in posture.

Do 6 repetitions for 5 sets and take a rest of 30secs between each repetition and 2 minutes rest between each set.


SPT 4 - Structure

In this exercise the string is pulled behind the neck. This exercise is more an exercise to give the archer the feeling for the position where both the shoulders should be.  This SPT 4 is also good for warm up purposes, including before the start of competition.

These SPT exercises are carried out by elite archers religiously, 5 days a week for 1 full hour. If ever there was an exercise that fitted the adage, "No Pain, No Gain" try doing these SPT exercises for one hour every day.

Please note that these exercises are in addition to specific endurance weight training, which mainly focuses on the Power-Zone.